Since Mayor Emanuel took office, the city has overhauled the City’s data portal,, which now hosts more than 400 datasets and has been viewed 2.5 million times.

To commence a new phase in the City’s ongoing efforts to increase transparency and accountability, the City is also releasing 21 new datasets to the City’s data portal. These datasets include the Chicago Traffic Tracker, which will provide data on traffic congestion on Chicago’s arterial streets in real-time by continuously monitoring and analyzing GPS traces received from Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses. Congestion estimates will be produced every ten minutes to measure the current estimated speed for about 1250 segments covering 300 miles of arterial roads.

[iframe width=”760px” title=”Abandoned Vehicles Map” height=”646px” src=”” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>Abandoned Vehicles Map]

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In addition to Traffic Tracker, the City is releasing a lookup table that will enable residents to determine whether any environmental records exist for a given address, a map of locations in Chicago where residents can drop off recycling, a map of liquor moratorium districts in the city, and a database of abandoned vehicle service requests. Full descriptions and links are included with this release.

21 new datasets

Chicago Department of Transportation

Chicago Public Health

Streets and Sanitation

Business Affairs and Consumer Protection

  • Liquor Moratorium Districts – Taverns (shp)(KML)
  • Liquor Moratorium Districts – Packaged Goods (shp)(KML)
  • Liquor Moratorium Districts – Dry Precincts (shp)(KML)
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