Meet Chicago’s first ever Tech Diversity Council! Mayor Emanuel has tapped these 12 Chicagoans to a service council to advance minority employees at tech firms, increase the percentage of minority-owned and operated tech businesses, and create opportunities for CPS and CCC students to transition into tech jobs.

“Chicago’s technology economy is thriving, creating thousands of jobs and generating interest from around the world” said Mayor Emanuel, and so the council will work directly with the City and with the Chicago tech community to create original programs and innovative ideas that will work to increase the diversity and vitality of our tech community. The team will also work closely with Chicago’s Office of New Americans, as well as ChicagoNEXT, to ensure that their recommendations are synonymous in making Chicago a welcoming city, as well as ChicagoNEXT’s efforts to attract new technology businesses.

Initially, the council will be given a 4 month period to make its first set of recommendations to the Mayor for specific things that can be undertaken by the Mayor’s administration that will foster Diversity in Tech advancements.

If you want to interact with the team, email them at

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