(c) 2014. Sean MacEntee. Licensed under CC-BY-2.0Did you notice it? Chicago’s main webpages were are safer and more secure than they were in 2016. Chicago’s homepage is now using “HTTPS” for its visitors. Things will not look different, but it provides a number of benefits for those visiting Chicago’s home pages. Now when visitors visit www.cityofchicago.org and select city¬†websites, the connection will be secure so others cannot snoop or steal information being sent between users and the City of Chicago. Everything is encrypted between your device and the City of Chicago so it can even keep your information private when you are on a wireless connection.

City of Chicago websites will also be easier to find because sites using HTTPS are preferred by Google. In the future, encryption will allow webpages to load faster. New web standards, such as SPDY, are much faster and will only work with secure websites.

You may also notice that other websites you use, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google also use HTTPS. Secure websites are becoming more important and now City of Chicago websites provide the same level of trust and privacy each time you visit the site. We have a few websites still being transitioned to HTTPS, just look for the padlock icon in your address bar.

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