So, you’ve come to rely on the open data portal to power a website, a research project, or simply browse. First, thank you! We do want to make the open data portal an effective platform for everyone.  In the inaugural open data report, the city laid out a commitment to release a status blog to keep users in the loop about changes to the portal.

Today we’re happy to launch the Chicago Data Portal Status blog to keep you in the loop about changes and issues with the data portal.  The portal contains nearly 600 datasets and is over 3 years old. The platform is improved and we will be cleaning-up and continuously optimizing the portal for better performance and consistency. We will be keeping you informed of those changes so you can understand when and why changes were made.

A large portion of the portal is a sophisticated setup of automated scripts that refresh data on a daily, weekly, or monthly process. But, sometimes things go wrong. If something does malfunction, it’s important that we provide a basic service of keeping our users up-to-date on the resolution.

What kind of things will we write about at the status blog?

  • Work on migrating geographic datasets from attachments to browse-able maps
  • Change the API call name to correct a spelling error or improve consistency.
  • Provide an update if we have a technical issue or out-of-date dataset.

The blog will be updated if we notice an issue or if one is brought to our attention. Feel free to reach out to us via Twitter or email.

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