Calling all hackers and environmental advocates:

Big Data Week is coming to Chicago and cities around the world. Founded in 2011, the festival connects cities across the globe to one another by hosting a variety of meetups, discussions, demonstrations, and hackathons throughout the week. Here in Chicago, we are constantly collecting massive amounts of data—from crime reports to traffic information to street light outage rates. Just in time for Earth Day, our focus for the festival will be environmental data. Don’t miss these two free events.

Earth Data:  A Sustainable Chicago 2015 Celebration

Celebrate our community’s accomplishments in making Chicago a greener city, and discuss the challenges that the city faces. Join the City of Chicago and our partners in a discussion to hear how sustainability and Big Data are driving Chicago’s efforts to tackle climate change, and learn about the ‘made in Chicago’ solutions that can be achieved when community members and the government work together. Guests are invited to network, provide feedback, and enjoy sustainable drinks following the discussion, which takes place April 22 at 6:00 PM!

RSVP at or e-mail by Friday, April 19.  The event is free.

Earth Data: Hackathon

On Earth Day, Mayor Emanuel will launch the Chicago Cleanweb challenge, which facilitates a series of competitions to improve sustainability through the use of advanced data analysis. Earth Data: Hackathon will be the first competition in the series. Prize winners will be chosen for creating the best app, problem-solving solution and visualization. Come out Friday, April 26 through Sunday, April 28


Learn more about Big Data Week, and the rest of the week’s events here:


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