The Bloomberg Foundation honored Chicago with a $1 million award for our entry for the Mayors Challenge. Out of 300 competitors, the city of Chicago placed in the top five of a competition aimed at inspiring cities to create innovative, groundbreaking ideas to improve the quality of life for city residents.

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“Here in Chicago, we see opportunity in complexity and we are thrilled to be recognized as a winner in the Mayors Challenge. Today there are millions of pieces of data at our fingertips and the key to a smarter city is to use that data to make better decisions for our residents,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. “At its core, our idea allows us to anticipate and get ahead of problems before they begin, helping us to be a more effective, smarter government. With data, we are building a new path for all cities in the 21st century.”

“Chicago’s predictive analytics platform will help the Windy City—and other cities—harness the power of data,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “Mayor Emanuel’s idea tackles an issue of growing importance for cities and companies alike, and Bloomberg Philanthropies is eager to see this idea implemented.”

With millions of data coursing throughout the city at any given moment, the city of Chicago will provide leaders with a tool that will analyze data analytics in real-time. This will ensure we make smarter, faster, and more efficient decisions to address a wide range of city-wide challenges.

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