Team Members:

Joshua Engel

Ronnie Harris

Jennifer Reinhardt


Project Description:

Build It! Bronzeville is a SimCity-style mobile game app that uses GIS technology to help residents guide development in their neighborhood as they complete quests (i.e. enhance safety, visual appeal, and foot traffic). Game simulations as well as data crowdsourced from realtime consumer activity will leverage community vision and democratize investment in local real estate and businesses. Our goal is to give every community the ability to effectively argue for resources, while having fun!

Link to the Sustainable Chicago 2015 Action Agenda:

Build It! Bronzeville will directly pivot economic development and job creation in Bronzeville, both by supporting local businesses (players check into storefronts to receive building “gems”) and encouraging developers to invest in new businesses (by providing consumer preference data that players submit). Additionally, by completing different quests and unlocking more levels, players will learn more about transportation, open space, and clean energy options in their community.

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