City of Chicago has been opening-up its technology and data so others can build amazing apps and services. Just like the people and companies who built a world-class architecture on city-build roads, Chicago open data and APIs let you can build world-class software on top of it. Now, residents have access to bus trackers, plow trackers, and new ways to report 311 requests on their phones and computer. These services make it easier to live and visit the city.

Redesigned website on a laptop computer

A big part of this is ensuring software developers have access to the information and documentation needed to build these services. We have launched a completely redesigned to help discover APIs and documentation in a central location. Now, there is a comprehensive place to find city-supported APIs and platforms that the City of Chicago and its sister agencies offer to the public. For instance, details on the Open311 API–which allows apps to create new 311 requests in city databases–is documented here.

Dev Blog

The site also includes a new blog aimed for software developers and data scientists. Dev Blog lets you know about upcoming changes that might impact existing apps and also give updates on outages or maintenance schedules. Unlike this blog, Dev Blog is targeted to engineers who need the technical details to keep their app updated and users happy.

As part of this, the Chicago Data Portal Status Blog has been retired and moved to the new Developer Blog. We’ll post any technical changes to the portal and let you know of outages as before. New posts will also be Tweeted from @ChicagoCDO.

Finally, the new website is open source, based on Jekyll. If you spot any problems with the website, such as type-o’s or other issues, we’d welcome your contributions on our GitHub site.

Feel free to reach out to us with questions or feedback through Twitter or email.


Featured image “O88/365: New Construction” © Don Harder 2017 and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0).

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