From Tamale Spaceship, the best tamales in Chicago, to Global Garden’s Bee’s and Seeds, a refugee urban farm and community garden, World Business Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emanuel launched a new project that has communities funding small businesses working to build better communities. Seed Chicago, Chicago’s official curated Kickstarter page, highlights projects that create jobs and encourage economic growth at a neighborhood level.

“It is our principal mission to ensure that neighborhood has a bustling economy, cultural and educational anchors, and local jobs so that Chicago can continue to grow and prosper on the world’s stage.” said Mayor Emanuel.

Using Kickstarter, the project creators can engage potential investors to help their small business blossom. There are 11 diverse projects, featuring everything from a Garfield Park Fresh Food market to a training center in Englewood that would teach people the art of Hair Braiding with state certification. Over time, more community projects will be added to the page. You can apply to participate here.


Here is a complete list of the 11 projects involved:

Visit: for more information.

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