Flu season in Chicago is nothing to sneeze at and the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) is working to be sure residents can have extra access to vaccinations this year. To keep Chicago on the right track and ensure that more of us stay flu-free this season, CDPH has teamed up with local Chicago techies to make it even easier to get a flu shot.

CDPH has set up 82 locations throughout the city’s neighborhoods for residents to get free flu shots this season. While all this location information is available online or by calling 311, it can be cumbersome for residents to find nearby flu shot centers and their hours of operations.

Enter: Civic Developers. At a recent Open City hack tonight hosted at 1871, Dr. Jay Miller met with civic-minded Chicago developer Tom Kompare. Tom realized that there are more innovative ways to organize health information so that residents can more easily find flu shots. After meetings with CDPH Commissioner Dr. Behcara Choucair and his team, Kompare developed Chicago Flu Shot Maps using existing City data.

Flu Map

Open Data Flu map Built by Chicago developer Tom Kompare,

“Helping make City data more accessible and understandable is my way of giving back to Chicago, a sort of e-volunteerism,” said Kompare, a Rogers Park resident and father of two young kids who “hacks on government data sets and maps after the kids go to bed.”

“Chicago has made public a really impressive amount of data and it’s up to developers like us to make this data more useful for everyday Chicagoans,” added Kompare.

Take a look at the result of this public-private collaboration. But more importantly, get a flu shot!

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