Just one percent of Chicago’s buildings comprise 20 percent of the total energy consumed. For the first time, the City of Chicago is releasing detailed information on the energy consumption and efficiency of the largest municipal, commercial, and institutional buildings – those over 250,000 square feet – on the city’s open data portal. The release provides the data and transparency that is useful to find opportunities for find energy efficiency.

The data release was the result of Chicago Building Energy Benchmarking ordinance that was passed in 2013. The dataset lets you look at each property reported as of 2014, including the address, size of building, ENERGY STAR score, total emissions and more. Because it is on the portal, you can visualize, map, download, or build your own custom application using the data. You can also combine it with other data, such as pairing it with all of Chicago’s buildings.  In the future, additional years of data will be added on the open data portal, providing ongoing updates to the public on energy efficiency.

It’s not the only sustainability-related data set on the portal and is the second time that energy consumption has been released. This is the second time that energy consumption data has been released. You can also look at Chicago’s release of detailed energy usage by Census Block from 2010. Additional sustainability related data sets can be found here.



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