Things are heating up around Chicago.  Love is in the air and so too are the little bugs we all love to swat – mosquitoes.  The “little fly” is a fact of life in the Windy City, and the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) is on our side in our attempts to enjoy the beautiful Chicago summers with family and friends. In working towards their goal of no human transmissions of West Nile virus, CDPH gets to work before the heat really rises. They work to prevent mosquitoes from breeding by placing larvicide in more than 100,000 catch basins around town and provide larvicide to their sister agencies for usage on their properties.

CDPH operates more than 80 traps and tests weekly for any evidence of West Nile virus or Saint Louis Encephalitis.  When scientifically determined to be necessary based upon the presence of virus and the associated health risk, CDPH will also spray a most environmentally-friendly and safe product to combat those pesky mosquitoes that escape their previous efforts. CDPH also maintains this page full of tips and tricks to ward off those most-friendly of pests.

You can now download the results of these tests from the open data portal. Below, you can look at the map of the most recent results. As summer sets in, more recent results will also be added to the portal in the map below and also downloadable formats. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation also funded this Kaggle competition based on this released data to predict West Nile virus in mosquitos across the City of Chicago.

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