POTUSSTEMPresident Obama, in his State of the Union address this Tuesday, called upon the nation to provide students with increased STEM education because it is vital for our students as they enter the 21st century workforce.

Today, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced an expansion of STEM opportunities in Chicago through a unique partnership with the U.S. Department of the Navy. More than 1,000 Chicago Public Schools students will benefit through STEM summer programming so that they can earn advanced, college-level credit in IT and computer science. This comes after a partnership with Chicago-based The Starter League to reach 2,000 Chicago students with courses in web development by 2014.

“In this school year alone, Chicago has opened five dedicated STEM high schools and made targeted investments that increase our students’ access to computer science and technology course,” the Mayor said. “Our children’s futures are bright and they deserve the full education that prepares them for success and I want to thank Secretary Ray Mabus for expanding the opportunities available to our students.”

This partnership will help Chicago’s students access the high-quality, high-paying jobs in high-growth fields by providing them with not only the education but also the hands-on experience they need for success. Students in the program will also receive year-round mentorship and enrichment to supplement their learning.

“We owe it not only to our Navy and Marine Corps but to this country, to provide every possible advantage to our students so they can lead innovation and discovery and have the skills to build a better future for themselves and our nation,” said Mabus. “This is good for Chicago, good for the Navy and great for the future of America.”

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