The City of Chicago has launched the newest Energy Benchmarking data as part of the Energy Benchmark ordinance passed in 2013, which includes information on energy consumption, size of buildings, ENERGY STAR® rating and more. For the first time, the data now includes residential buildings over 50,000 square feet. Nearly 2,700 properties are available in the data set, which was released alongside the most recent edition of the Chicago Energy Benchmarking Report for 2016.

Chicago Energy Benchmarking – 2015 Data Reported in 2016 – Map

Transparency on energy consumption data has always been a part of the Energy Benchmarking ordinance, where updates are published to the open data portal each year; allowing researchers, engineers, policymakers, and others to see and understand energy consumption of Chicago’s largest buildings. In 2014, the City released a 3D interactive energy map based on citywide energy consumption data as of 2010.

Read more about the Energy Benchmark ordinance, the findings, and data on its homepage.

Feature image by Jesse Collins and is licensed under Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0).

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