Snow is falling in Chicago and, as a reminder, you’ll be able to follow City snow plows without needing to put your boots on. Last month, Mayor Emanuel released the Plow Tracker for its second winter and it now comes with a mobile-friendly version. Just like last winter, you can watch plows in real-time and know exactly how many plows are on the 9,456 lane miles, just further than the distance between here and Sydney, Australia. #TrueStory

Be sure to put your boots on once the snow stops, and join your neighbors to shovel sidewalks in your community using Adopt-a-Sidewalk. This tool allows you to “own” a sidewalk and let everyone know when it’s been shoveled. We all work better when we work together.

In this spirit, we partnered with Code for America and the Smart Chicago Collaborative to enhance Adopt-A-Sidewalk this season. Chicago joined Code for America’s Race for Reuse  initiative to encourage adoption in other cities. The Smart Chicago Collaborative will host the website and the code is all on GitHub. Jump in and help us make the software even better!


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