OpenGrid lets residents and visitors of Chicago navigate the city’s data based on where they are or where they are interested in exploring. Now, you can share those maps with others, like restaurants failing a food inspection in the past month, new business licenses issues within a few blocks from you, and potholes filled within the past week.

Last week, the newest version of OpenGrid supported the ability to share maps with others. After you run a search, you can share the URL with anyone. On desktops, copy and paste the URL from the web browser. On a mobile device, such as iPhone, iPad, or Android, you can click on the share button.

Combine relative dates, such as “today”, “yesterday” or “1 month” ago in your searches to always get the most relevant time frame.  For instance, you can look at ordinance violations from yesterday, last week, or last month. You can also customize the location of where you’re looking for data. It can be in a specific ward, like Ward 42, a custom drawn area, or the entire city.

More sharing features will be rolled out in the future. In the meantime, you can provide feedback on Twitter, via email, or by reporting an issue on GitHub.

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