Social Media Week

Chicago is participating in the Social Media Week for the second year in a row. This year the week is recognized internationally from September 24-28 with countries from Europe, South America, and Asia all being involved.

Social Media Week is being celebrated internationally all over the world and will put on display how social media brings people together.

Talks will also be available on using social media to expand your entrepreneurship through advertising and marketing, talks pertaining to science and technology, media and publishing, networking, culture and lifestyle, and politics and government.

The City of Chicago and other businesses will be collaborating to discuss social media and how it has evolved and impacts our everyday lives as Chicagoans.

The City of Chicago is taking the time to recognize this week because Chicago is one of the hallmark cities of the United States and social media has become an increasingly large part of our culture. As Chicagoans, it is important to show not only how social media shapes us, but how we shape it and the communities we leave in.

The events sponsored by the City of Chicago will be discussing:

For more information about Social Media week, you can visit

For the full schedule of events in Chicago, you can click here.

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