On Chicago’s Data Portal, there is no data more popular than the “Current Employee Names, Salaries, and Position Titles“. It is not as large or voluminous as many of the other data on the Data Portal, but has garnered a lot of interest. Now, the portal has even more information about city wages at your fingertips.

In addition to names, titles, and wages, you can now see if employees are full- or part-time and if they are paid on an hourly or annual salary. Even for hourly employees, whether they are expected to work 40, 35, or just 20-hours a week is viewable online and can be downloaded for free. A new dashboard also lets you explore the data interactively, quickly choosing and filtering for data you’d like to see, such as salaries by department or just for full-time workers.

New dashboard of current city employees lets you explore wages by department and employment level.

The new information on the Data Portal is designed to provide a more accurate picture of wages for city employees to help people look-up typical salaries, conduct research, or learn more about city wages.

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