The Mayor has nominated Brenna Berman as the City’s next Chief Information Officer and the Commissioner of the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT). Berman is currently the acting Commissioner of DoIT and has over a decade of experience working with local governments to use data and technology to provide more innovative and effective services to residents. She would replace former Chief Data Officer, Brett Goldstein, who has accepted a two-year fellowship in Urban Science at the University of Chicago. Brett looks forward building upon his efforts under Mayor Emanuel at the University of Chicago.

“We are building a city of data. Over the past two years, we’ve done things that people said we couldn’t do—transparency, open data, prediction.  And we’re doing this in an innovative way—with people from the City and the community showing they have the brains to innovate.  The bones have now been built.” (via Data-Smart City Solutions)

We know Brenna will thrive at DoIT’s helm.

“Throughout her career, Brenna has been a champion for leveraging data and technology to ensure that governments provide the best service possible for their residents,” the Mayor said. “Under her leadership, we will continue to be a leader in innovation and become an even more data-driven and nimble city, making Chicago a better place to live.”

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